Perkins Woods

Evanston’s Only Forest Preserve While reviewing satellite maps of the Chicago area to find off-the-beaten-path hikes, I noticed a little square patch of forest near an elementary school called Perkins Woods. A square block of continuous forest so close to home is rare in the city, so we added it to our list of places… Read More »Perkins Woods

Thatcher Woods

Hiking near the Trailside Museum of Natural History Within the expansive Thatcher woods lies a historic, 1876 mansion. This structure is now known as the Trailside Museum of Natural History. The mansion was periodically used as a finishing school for young women and an institute for men from broken homes. It was eventually acquired by… Read More »Thatcher Woods

Mellody Farm, Middlefork Savanna Preserve, and Elawa Farm

High Quality Prairie Hiking and Restored Estates Middlefork Savanna Forest Preserve is a 567-acre park located in Lake Forest, IL and features a combination of sedge meadows (wet meadows dominated by grass-like plants), wet and mesic prairies, oak savanna, and woodlands. Middlefork Preserve is named as such because the “middle fork” of the North Branch… Read More »Mellody Farm, Middlefork Savanna Preserve, and Elawa Farm