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Even though we live in Chicago, we greatly value our time spent outdoors. Bring it on: whether it's an afternoon hike or a multi-day backpacking trip.

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Read about our favorite hikes around Chicago. We’ve ranked each by the most important factors: isolation, wildlife, upkeep, and distance from the city.

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Do you have a favorite hike in the area? Let us know. We’re always looking for new ways to experience local nature.

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Chicago may not be known for it’s access to nature, but when you take a closer look (aka open Google Maps and zoom in on any green patches), opportunities become endless.

We’ve compiled all of our local trips here. We hope you can use it as a resource for your next outdoor adventure.

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John is a software developer, management consultant, and avid outdoorsman. He likes to make the best of the sparse but appreciable outdoor opportunities around the Chicago area, enjoying the moment and taking in the small details whenever possible.


Allison loves the glowing screen of a computer as much as the sun’s warm rays on a Spring afternoon. She’s a digital marketing professional with a passion for photography & visual design. Growing up in rural Missouri introduced her to the wonders of nature. One of John and Allison’s first dates was a glamping expedition on Chicago’s Northerly Island. That’s when they knew they wanted to enjoy nature—together!

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